Professional Standards Division

  • Professional Standards
  • Internal Affairs
  • Sex Offender Registry

The Office of Professional Standards, Internal Affairs, and Sex Offender Registry is commanded by Captain Jerry Blash .

The Office of Professional Standards works closely with the internal affairs division to manage and maintain an organized review, development and implementation of all Department Policies and assists with the development of training and practices which encourage employees to perform at the highest level possible. A primary duty in the Office of Professional Standards is to assist in educating the public regarding law enforcement operations and conducting thorough, timely investigations of any allegation of employee misconduct.

Reporting your experience


We invite you to report commendable actions or performance by the Burke County Sheriff’s Office. As a citizen, you can contact the Sheriff or direct your comments to the supervisor of any sworn officer or civilian employee. Please let us know why their actions deserve recognition so we can be sure to acknowledge them appropriately.



We also value your feedback if Burke County Sheriff’s Office employees have disappointed you. It is our policy to investigate all allegations of misconduct by employees to determine exactly what happened and to respond appropriately.

Link to sex offender registry