Public Safety is Top Priority

Public safety is crucial to the overall health and prosperity of our community and  Sheriff Williams will work diligently to assure the safety and well-being of not only the 23,000 people who call Burke County home but also the men and women of the Burke County Sheriff's Office who protect them.

Sheriff Williams' immediate goals are to reduce burglaries, reduce violent crimes and curb gang activity. He will scrutinize the current budget, look for ways to reduce unnecessary expenses and allocate as much money as possible to achieve these goals.

His immediate focus will be to add deputies to each shift, upgrade the office's fleet of patrol cars to make them offices on wheels with computers, GPS and trunking system radios and improve pay for all employees. He also plans to equip every deputy with a bulletproof vest.

He plans to step up current efforts to share information on every arrest and incident via computer with city police, the magistrate court, the clerk of superior court, juvenile justice and state probation.